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Our journey began with the realization that, six out of ten times, restaurants that serve good food close their doors right in front of our eyes and many good restaurants struggles to reach and retain customer. So, at Speedoy, we decided to facilitate restaurants by formulating and executing products that help bridge the gap between restaurants and consumers.
Our mission is to support food businesses all over the world in increasing their online presence.

We believe that restaurants perform best when they concentrate their efforts on the quality of their food and service. These activities, whether in the kitchen preparing for dinner or at the front door greeting customers, are what define a restaurant. To put it another way, restaurants excel when they work offline. We support restaurants in going online and providing them with techniques to engage with customers, expand their reach, and streamline operations.

Simultaneously, we live in a world that, more than ever, demands convenience, which is usually brought about by technology. Customers want faster and easier ways to order their food. They are, like most people, preoccupied with checking emails, switching between apps, messaging friends, and browsing websites. Customers, in other words, live and work online. With the Speedoy restaurant software suite, we can help you grow your online business, manage your restaurant operations, and market your brand more efficaciously.

We launched in 2021 with restaurants in Sweden. We intend to expand to the UAE and the United Kingdom by the end of 2022. Our product will facilitate restaurants in ensuring that they are not completely reliant on food marketplaces and that they have their own digital brand where customers can interact with them directly.