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What is speedoy?

Speedoy is one of the best online ordering solution software options for managing your entire restaurant operation. Unlike the food ordering e-commerce marketplace model, Speedoy provides the restaurant’s very own branded app and website for restaurants.

Why is Speedoy better than other food ordering eCommerce marketplaces?

We don’t charge huge commissions like third-party delivery companies. We offer direct customer-restaurant interaction. Speedoy also offers a framework for you to do your own marketing/branding.

Is it possible for a restaurant to manage multiple outlets using a single app/website?

Yes, with the help of technological solutions, they can manage multiple outlets using a single application and website.

Can a restaurant manage menu discounts and promotions?

Our goal is to make your sales experience as simple as possible, which is why we allow restaurants to manage and apply discounts and promotional codes. Discounts can also be applied in the form of a price or a percentage to specific or entire menu items.

Is it possible for a restaurant to manage customer data?

The Speedoy system provides you with customer information and customer data analysis that you can directly review and handle as a restaurant owner for business growth and promotional activities.

Is the system equipped with payment methods?

Yes, we do integrate payment methods such as online payment, cash on delivery, and pause machine options (at the time of food delivery)

Are there any restrictions? For instance, menu items, customers, orders, and so on.

No, add as many menu items as you want accept as many orders as your restaurant can fill make lots and lots of customers happy.